Pre/Post Bariatic Surgery

If you are severely overweight or struggling with obesity, weight loss surgery is often a recommended method to help you lose weight. There are several different types of weight loss surgery available, such as the Lap Band, gastric bypass, and the duodenal switch procedures. The type of operation best suited for your needs depends largely on a number of factors such as your weight, age and medical history. Your bariatric surgeon will help you to determine the type of bariatric surgery that is best for you.

At ThinFast MD we are available to provide medical and weight loss support leading up to and following your bariatric operation. Each of the different weight loss surgery procedures requires specific diets and lifestyle changes following the operation. Your surgeon will recommend a dietary plan that you should follow in order to lose weight and also to help your body heal after the operation. Many weight loss surgeons offer consultations and follow-up appointments in order to monitor your health before and after your surgery, but in many cases the actual weight loss is left to you alone. At ThinFast MD we are here to fill that void. We will help you to stay on track and motivated so to make the most out of your bariatric surgery experience. We do this through medical management of cravings in addition to behavioral and nutritional counseling that is tailored to help you remain positive as you increase your daily amount of physical activity and follow a healthier lifestyle.

This medical weight loss program is tailored to the treatment of bariatric surgery patients. Upon your entrance into this program, much like any of our medical weight loss programs, you will be provided with a full medical screening so to ensure sufficient health prior to begining an intense weight loss plan. We will work closely with your surgeon or recommend one of our surgeons in order to make your experience a successful one.

In addition to helping you to lose weight after your operation, our weight loss program is highly recommended in the weeks leading up to your bariatric procedure. Losing even a small amount of weight prior to your operation can prevent the occurrence of severe complications and reduces the amount of risk associated with the procedure. Participation in this program prior to undergoing bariatric surgery is intended to help you in achieving a faster recovery, a shorter hospital stay and improvement in your overall health immediately following your weight loss operation.

We will help you to kick start your weight loss prior to your bariatric operation by implanting a full meal replacement diet, like the OPTIFAST program. Our meal replacement weight loss program makes losing weight simple by eliminating the need to count calories and make daily nutritional decisions. The OPTIFAST meal replacement program is designed to help you lose weight by cutting calories while helping you to remain full.

If you would like to learn more about our pre/post bariatric surgery weight loss program contact us to schedule an appointment.