Diabetes Counseling

Diabetes counseling is a beneficial tool that assists many patients in the management of their disease. Patients that suffer from diabetes are required to pay special attention to their diet, and at ThinFast MD we offer diabetes counseling to help guide our patients and help them to develop healthy habits that will assist in the treatment of their disease. Our diabetes educators provide each patient with specialized instruction concerning the management of their diabetes. Diabetes counseling at ThinFast MD includes topics such as blood glucose monitoring and insulin therapy, and is entirely customized to your individual needs. We offer the education and support that is needed to help you regain control over your weight, diet and any other daily habits that may be influencing your diabetes, as well.

One of the first steps in gaining control over your diabetes is incorporating the healthy food choices that will help in the treatment and prevention of your disease. At ThinFast MD we provide insight and direction to help you to begin making proper dietary choices for your health. As part of our diabetes counseling program our specialists will work with you to create an individualized food plan to help you monitor and ultimately control blood glucose levels. For many patients, this process involves simple changes to your diet that can easily be incorporated during family meals so to benefit your entire household.

Patients with diabetes need to pay extra attention to their consumption of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates influence blood glucose levels more than any other dietary component is able to do. In addition, diabetic patients are encouraged to find balance in their diet by monitoring their overall consumption of fat and protein. Finding a proper balance of nutrition does not require a complete overhaul of your current diet. Instead, our diabetes counseling program will help you to make simple adjustments to your diet that will enhance nutrition while minimizing or eliminating factors that could be damaging your health. Our diabetes counseling is intended to help you develop an individualized care plan that will help you to properly manage your disease in a way that fits your lifestyle, exercise habits and medical needs.

If you are suffering from diabetes and would like more information concerning our diabetes counseling program please contact us to schedule an appointment.