Adolescent Program

At ThinFast MD we recognize that childhood obesity has become a serious problem in the United States. Our adolescent program is designed to help overweight children and teens begin developing healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Our adolescent weight loss program is medically supervised so to provide the support and motivation necessary to both children and parents. We work closely with our patients, making sure to follow the success and set backs of each adolescent as they progress toward their weight loss goal.

Our approach to medically supervised weight loss is an individualized and personalized one. We pay close attention to each of our patients and understand that every individual requires a different method to lose weight. This is true for adults and children alike.

The adolescent medical weight loss program at ThinFast MD involves the upmost care and supervision for your child’s health and safety. Prior to entering our program every adolescent undergoes a full medical screening to ensure that they are able to safely participate in our medical weight loss system. Throughout the course of this program your child will also be invited to participate in follow-up sessions with our Registered Dietician. This will help to promote weight loss by insuring the overall health of your child. These follow-up sessions also generally provide the motivation and support that is necessary to helping children reach their weight loss goals.

At ThinFast MD we want to help your child lose weight by teaching them to develop a healthy relationship with food, one that will follow them into adulthood. For this reason, we focus on educating parents and children together in order to promote healthy habits throughout the entire home. Being healthy together as a family is likely to help your child develop much healthier eating habits than they would otherwise accomplish dieting alone. In addition to teaching proper nutrition we encourage healthy lifestyle changes that will help you and your family in losing weight and becoming healthier. This includes increased physical activity, better sleeping habits and also regained control over calorie consumption by putting a stop to mindless eating.

If you would like to learn more about our adolescent program for weight loss, please contact us to schedule an appointment.